14-23 august 2019

gasworks arts park

Directed and Designed by BRANDON PAPE

Production Photos by Junior Deluise


★★★★★...Antipodes Theatre Company demonstrates they’re a new theatre company to keep an eye intimate serenade between performers and the audience. Butler’s charming enthusiasm, Schnur’s moving cello skills, and Sizer’s ability to project such a tonally diverse display of vocal talent also deserve praise along with the quartet’s harmonies, which were particularly impressive. While all four performers cemented many memorable moments onstage, David was a standout, with her powerful vocals and enamoring stage presence.
— Kristen Iliopoulos, Theatre People
★★★1/2...Exquisite...brilliantly performed by a charismatic quartet of multitalented actor-musicians. Their individual strengths are allowed to shine during solo numbers and duets, but Ghost Quartet really takes off when the ensemble sing and play together...the cast and creative team have clearly taken care and time in getting this production performance ready and it shows. The actors don’t seem to be playing from any scores and every note and word is pitch perfect...a unique, intimate and sensational production. The scale may be small, but the achievement here is massive. Ghost Quartet is the inaugural production for new independent theatre company Antipodes and it is a wonderful success...[it] will make you feel alive, have you stamping your feet and maybe even spook you out a little.
— Reuben Liversidge, ArtsHub
Electrifying...NOT to be missed. Antipodes Theatre have proven they are one to watch with this beautiful and haunting production. Malloy’s text must be mined for meaning, and Pape has translated layers of riddles into a moving and theatrically rich staging. You would be hard-pressed to find four voices that harmonise and blend as seamlessly as this cast. Melissa David’s voice is a powerhouse of passion...Willow Sizer’s bewitchingly unique voice can seemingly transcend substance and style. David Butler delivers striking, dynamic and controlled vocals, and Patrick Schnur is cellist extraordinaire often rounding out the quartet with invigorating baritone vocals. Ghost Quartet is a warmly hypnotic experience and a rare gem of a show, which this cast and creative team have brought to life with perfection.
— Owen James, Theatre Press
Mesmerizing and masterful...Antipodes Theatre Company triumphs in its inaugural production. The storytelling is intoxicating and the performances are spell-bounding, stunning the audience by both overwhelming and depriving them of their senses. At times haunting and disorienting and at other times light-hearted and whimsical, performers and the audience alike find themselves delighted, immersed, and transported. Expect the unexpected in this mind-blowing piece (and you might even get to play the cello).
— Lillian Nejad, Weekend Notes
Blissfully lyrical, mysterious and magical...A palpable chemistry exists between four excellent performers who bring a surreal musical experience to life...superbly directed and designed by Brandon Pape.
— Alex First, The Blurb
The cast is comprised of four incredibly talented musicians with a warm and incredible chemistry. Not only are the vocals stunning, but their gifts - playing multiple instruments - are astounding, performed with incredible finesse and talent to create a beautiful and haunting soundscape. Brandon Pape has created a visually stunning piece of theatre in his design and direction. I would see it again in a heartbeat and experience its beauty and tragedy all over again.
— Taylor Kendal, Theatre Travels

Ghost Quartet is a show about love, death and whisky.

A camera breaks and four musicians drink as they unravel four interwoven narratives spanning seven centuries: a warped fairy tale about two sisters, a treehouse astronomer and a lazy evil bear; a retelling of Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher; a purgatorial intermezzo about Scheherazade and the ghost of Thelonious Monk; and a contemporary fable about a subway murder.

Inspired by source material as diverse as Arabian Nights and the television series The Twilight Zone, you won’t want to miss this spirited modern musical where nothing is as it seems.

creative team

Musical Director DAVID BUTLER

Movement Director MADISON LEE

Co-Lighting Designer LACHLAN MCLEAN

Sound Designer JEDD SCHAECHE

Production Manager KRISTY GRIFFIN

Stage Managers JACKIE MATES

Assistant Stage Manager DIANE PEREIRA

Wardrobe Supervisor HELEN ROFE

Graphic Designer JULIAN LEON

Social Media Management by CHLOE TOWAN

Key art by Julian Leon

Cast Photos by Lauren Broeren